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If you are considering selling or renting your property and would like some
professional advice to help you determine the current market value of your
property, then please contact one of Landmark Harcourts McCathie's Real Estate agents for a
free property appraisal.

Our agents are highly experienced in appraising properties and will provide
you with an accurate appraisal based on an inspection of your property,
thorough analysis of comparable sales and rents in your area, and current,
regional market trends.

Please feel free to contact our office or one of our agents to arrange a
suitable time for an appraisal:

Office: 07 4783 1911
Lyndy McCathie: 0410 321 215
John Mottin: 0428 668 846
Jo Gabiola: 0418 186 846
David Reguson: 0438 079 165
Dianne Reguson: 0417 079 165
Paula Mottin: 0429 668 846



Free Appraisals