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Property Management Top Tips

Getting Your Bond Back

You get your bond back at the end of the tenancy as long as no money is owed to the lessor/agent for rent, damages or other costs.  

Once the keys to the property are handed to our office we inspect the property at our earliest opportunity and report back to you on the vacating inspection. If there is anything further required at the rental property eg cleaning or pest control we will liaise with you to either arrange on your behalf, at no extra cost or alternatively we will give you an opportunity to re-attend at the property to make good, bearing in mind that all issues are to be addressed as quickly as possible. If there are any maintenance items which need to be rectified, our office can also arrange these repairs on your behalf.

We strive to finalize bond refunds as quickly as possible so that your money is returned to you.

When vacating the rental property we would recommend all outstanding rent be paid, any carpet cleaning and pest control invoices and receipts be handed over in order to finalize your bond refund.

Our office electronically lodges bond refunds so we will need your up to date bank details for the bond refund to go directly into your account and also your forwarding address for any mail which may come to the previous address.